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Vimax Delay Cream In Pakistan - In Stock

Item Form:Garman

Made By:Garman

Rs: 2000/PKR Rs: 1500/PKR

Pakistan mein vimax delay spray ki qeemat mardon ke liye fori waqt mein izafah vitamin e ke sath asal vimax spre Pakistan mein online khareedain.

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Vimax Delay Cream In Pakistan

Vimax Delay Cream For Men 15ML  control the sensitivity of the Penis. When VIMAX applied to the head. It works within 5-10  minutes after apply.
After 5-10 minutes, So you will enjoy sex for up to 30 minutes. VIMAX Strong Sex Delay Cream is suitable for all ages. It also useful for men having premature ejaculation. Means, If anyone is discharging with in 2-5 minutes after intercourse, VIMAX Long Sex Timing Cream will help you to increase your sex timing for about 30 minutes.

Vimax Delay Cream In Urdu

Aap ki jins ka waqt darkhwaston ki tadaad par munhasir hai. jaisay, agar aap vimax ko aik baar sir par aur poooray uzoo tanasul par aik baar lagatay hain. aap 15-20 minute tak sex se lutaf andoz ho saktay hain. agar aap kareem lagayen aur phir 5 minute baad kareem ka dosra coat lagayen. aap taqreeban 25 se 35 minute tak sex kar satke hain. agar aap dosray coat ke 5 minute baad kareem ka teesra coat lagayen. aap yakeeni tor par taqreeban 40-60 minute ki lambi sex kar satke hain .

Vimax Delay Cream In English

Timing of your sex depends on the number of applications. Like, If you apply VIMAX one time over head and all over penis one time. You can enjoy sex for 15-20 minutes. If you apply cream and then apply another coat of cream after 5 minutes. You can have sex of about 25-35 minutes. If you apply third coat of cream after 5 minutes of second coat. You can surely have Long sex of about 40-60 minutes.

Works Vimax Delay Cream

Vimax delay spray price in pakistan is an improvement spray that urges you to frame your adoration making minutes enduring, seriously appreciating, and critical by improving your erection and making it longer and more grounded, and lessening the pre-release condition. Using the spray urges you to improve your release time up to 30-45 minutes. Make your accomplice more fulfilled and satisfy her dreams that materialize during sex. It's made out of normal and homegrown concentrates that work extraordinarily and help to make your sex time in bed. Vimax delay spray in pakistan works by decreasing the affectability of the penis and increment blood course in the penile area.

Vimax Delay Cream

It treats the inauspicious release, which causes pressing factor and distress for men and change pose their confidence in friendship making. It overhauls sex and erection time up to 30-45 minutes that work on your confidence in bed. Vimax delay spray in pakistan might be a delay spray that treats troublesome release issues unbelievably well and is increasingly amazing that certainly work, it urges you to remain long in bed that satisfies your accessory need and helps with getting a more grounded and hard erection that stays last more.

How to Work

Vimax Delay Spray Price in Karachi Pakistan fills in as direct as you might want to shower it on your penis. It is a delay spray that functions admirably and fixes inopportune release and further develops time up to 30-45 minutes. This delay spray assists with diminishing penis affectability and increment blood dissemination in the penile district. It moreover overhauls your drive and magnetism and works on your sexual stamina. Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan assists with supporting up your full certainty to be extraordinarily satisfactory in bed. Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan labors briefly, suitably, quickly and your penis erection continues to go for a more broadened term. Make your sexual issues time logically pleasurable and fulfill your associate. It helps in fulfilling your associate's needs.

How to Use

Vimax Delay Spray in Islamabad Pakistan is incredibly basic and direct to utilize. It contains regular ingredients that work perfectly to treat inopportune releases and work with you to achieve your release with flawless planning and a more grounded erection. Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan treats the inauspicious or delayed-release, which causes pressing factors and distress for men and change act their confidence in fondness making. It redesigns sex and erection time up to 30-45 minutes that work on your confidence in bed. To utilize the Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan as a matter of first importance spray the three shots on the penis. What's more, leave it for some time than a shot on the penis cap and leave for not many more minutes for the spray to figure. Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan is on the penis no less than 45 minutes prior to preceding intercourse and let the spray work.


Vimax Delay Spray is protected to utilize and has no incidental effects since it doesn't contain any destructive synthetic compounds however every single regular ingredient has. Benefits are:

It assists with allowing women to have all the more impressive climax as deferred release licenses, men, to attempt various positions prompting various climax.
It brings sexual bliss as sex peak is delayed
Vimax Delay Spray Price in Lahore Pakistan is best for individuals who are experiencing troublesome release, which can make them comprehend satisfying sex and delayed delight in bed
It carries the erection for a more expanded time and thusly thinks about a drawn-out show
A characteristic ingredients item that has eminent outcomes.


Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan is improved with the embraced measure of Lidocaine which might be a normal fixing with the larger part of the deferred sprinkles available within the market. The disintegrated presence within the Lidocaine has exhibited to desensitize male organs permitting him to draw out the release time to any degree farther than the ordinary range. Main ingredient in Vimax Delay Spray Price in Pakistan.

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